About Us

Woke Textiles is a sustainable lifestyle brand and online retailer with headquarters in Australia and Turkey. With a global footprint in over 65 countries around the world, Woke Textiles has introduced an innovative concept of operating sustainably in the lifestyle industry to offer consciously designed quality products through sustainable practices. 

Led by co-founders, Emre Mimarbasi and Vy Tran, who formed the brand with the aim of providing high quality unique custom products for pet owners using sustainable practices. Throughout their operation, they observed increasing demand for personalised everyday products and thus directed their focus onto custom clothing and accessories. Woke Textiles operates in Australia and Turkey, based on strong affiliations with manufacturers in the following countries who manufacture and fulfil orders to reach global customers in a timely manner. Moreover, having manufacturing headquarters in North America and Europe means that we are based closer to our dense customer populations and therefore able to reduce shipping distances and limit unnecessary air and water pollution. 


A Word From The Founder:

We are ordinary humans, with a penchant for creativity and all consuming love for animals and magical brown beans roasted to perfection (coffee). Despite starting our early careers in hospitality and working for luxury international hotel chains, we discovered our passion for hospitality and customer service did not stop there. When we founded Woke Textiles, we wanted to share our enormous love for animals and coffee through our lifestyle products but at the same time remain sustainable and environmentally sensitive. Most importantly, we wanted to turn mundane routines into magical moments through our products with conscious designs. No matter what time it is, or the task you're performing, we have tailored our products to uplift every routine. 

Woke Textile’s Mission: 

We have made it our mission to make a difference in the world by turning mundane routines into magical moments with our products. At Woke Textiles, we strongly believe that making a difference in the world does not require you to move mountains or cure diseases. A simple act of kindness can also radiate positive changes for others. 

At Woke Textiles, the differences we are making to better the world starts from small acts of kindness. We are proud pet owners of adopted animals and in equal parts strong advocates of a greener planet. Which is why we have established a unique manufacturing model to only produce products on demand when an order is placed, creating items that already have a known buyer. Unlike others in this industry, we do not manufacture in bulk to save costs. Our sustainable practice allows us to eliminate potential carbon emissions and wastage from mass production.  

We are ecstatic to see fellow animal lovers and avid coffee drinkers find joy in using our products and always welcome any feedback, suggestions or ideas you would like to share with us.

It is a pleasure to serve you at Woke Textiles and we hope you enjoy our products just as much as we have creating them!